Titles that focus on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) along with ample doses of femdom (be it clothed or naked) populate this niche of ZENRA.

Subtitled Stimulation by Cock Subtitled (August 02 2011)

Japanese masseuses and nurses find themselves face to face with embarrassing CFNM erections brought about by audacious clients and patients with subtitles.

  • Japanese massage clinic
  • CFNM nurse kisses patient and gives handjob
  • Japanese nurse watches patient masturbate
  • Shy massage therapist shows bra
  • CFNM Japanese groin massage
  • Japanese double massage
120 Minutes of CFNM Penis Teasing Subtitled Subtitled (July 05 2011)

Japanese cougars recruit a real virgin to take part in two uncharted hours of nonstop CFNM penis play involving a ribald medley of sexual tricks with subti...

  • Japanese Moe Oushi
  • Pantyhose handjob given by uniformed Japanese cougars
  • Cosplay cougar nurse with CFNM virgin
  • CFNM Japanese tickle play with virgin and cougars
  • CFNM Japanese party with toe licking cougars
  • Spread eagle nearly nude virgin sex party with cougars
Male Explosive Orgasms in AV Subtitled (June 07 2011)

Japanese AV takes on the phenomenon known as male explosive orgasms which entails multiple ejaculation attempts in a row without respite with subtitles.

  • Japanese penis teasing in classroom
  • Shaved Japanese woman fingered
  • Lingerie Japanese orgy begins
  • Explosive male ejaculation with mixed race couple
  • Japanese maid gives CFNM handjob
  • Perky breasts on busty Japanese woman
Anytime Japanese Massage Subtitled Subtitled (February 01 2011)

The introduction of a brazen erection turns scenarios such as an oil massage to a sponge bath to even a golf lesson into something lascivious with subtitle...

  • CFNM Japanese massage salon
  • Breast licking Japanese handjob
  • Japanese caregiver sponge bath
  • Hotel bell girl ignores erection
  • Topless masseuse kisses client
  • Erection at Japanese spa
Subtitled Phimosis Clinic Subtitled (January 25 2011)

Medicinal CFNM Japanese clinic focuses on aiding phimosis patients with subtitles along with door to door milf sex toy saleswomen.

  • Japanese milf doctor interviews patient
  • Japanese doctor instructs patient to strip
  • Japanese doctor explains phimosis with a diagram
  • Japanese nurses comment on penis health
  • Milf Japanese doctor instructs patient to masturbate
Horny Service Industry Girls Subtitled (October 12 2010)

Japanese women in the service industry as masseuses or a dentist and even hair stylists find themselves in quirky CFNM situations with subtitles.

  • Japanese dentist office inspection
  • Busty stylist gives handjob
  • Hair salon shampoo station
  • Bent over CMNF dentist gives blowjob
  • CMNF ENF nudist dentist gives handjob
  • Embarrassed dentist strips for patient
Japanese Subtitled CFNM with Gyaru Subtitled (June 01 2010)

Tan and rambunctious Japanese gyaru in a crazy CFNM seminar featuring a smorgasbord of nude male volunteers and ample hands on demonstrations with subtitle...

  • Japanese gyaru CFNM seminar
  • Spread CFNM handjob with anal play
  • Rear entry anal play at CFNM seminar
  • Big hair Japanese CFNM group handjob
  • Tan Japanese gyaru CFNM handjob instructional
  • Naked men in front of Japanese gyaru
Pretty and Dominant Office Ladies Subtitled (March 31 2009)

Dominant Japanese office ladies have their bosses strip naked so they can roughly play with their hard cocks in this bizarre CFNM movie.

Deep Kiss and Jerking in the Clothes Shop Subtitled (June 03 2008)

A very popular Japanese clothing shop's secret to success is the free handjob and kissing service its female staff give to customers in the changing rooms

Subtitled CFNM Penis Bulge Study Subtitled (March 11 2008)

Japanese amateur women with a bizarre gamut of sexual fetishes and frustrations gather for a bizarre CFNM penis appreciation meeting with subtitles.

  • Japanese women penis frustration
  • Japanese woman masturbates during penis show
  • Shy Japanese CFNM amateur handjob
  • Japanese underwear bulge appreciation
  • Japanese office women inspect testicles
CFNM Tekoki Handjob Dojo with Subtitles Subtitled (November 20 2007)

The world famous Japanese handjob champion Urara Hara pays a visit to green tea capital of Japan Shizuoka to spread her love of CFNM handjobs with subtitle...

  • Urara Hara walking outside in hostess dress
  • Tan gyaru double CFNM interview
  • Surprised Japanese gyaru watch double handjob
  • CFNM double handjob with amused Japanese amateurs
  • Japanese virgin takes part in penis examination
  • Japanese nanpa street pickup in action
Crazy Japanese CFNM with Subtitles Subtitled (October 31 2006)

Japanese amateurs and kyabakura girls are picked up off the street by for a kinky game of underwear and bizarre CFNM exploration with English subtitles.

  • Japanese CFNM kyabakura after party
  • CFNM Japanese masturbation game
  • CFNM Japanese kyabakura double blowjob
  • Demure Kyabakura interview
  • CFNM Kyabakura double handjob party
  • Japanese kyabakura admits penis fetish
Subtitled CFNM Handjob and Penis Research Subtitled (April 04 2006)

Real Japanese college students take part in a bizarre CFNM seminar where touching with hands and even mouths is highly encouraged with subtitles.

  • Japanese students gather for CFNM seminar
  • Curious Japanese students take part in CFNM class
  • Large penis Japanese CFNM examination seminar
  • Japanese college students in bizarre handsy underwear model class
  • Smiling Japanese student caresses underwear clad model
  • Japanese college students recount sexual adventures
Subtitled CFNM Japanese Examinations Subtitled (July 19 2005)

Bizarre late night subtitled Japanese CFNM with Tokyo amateurs in Ebisu and Roppongi alongside a strange penis examination clinic.

  • Japanese nurses have morning meeting
  • Rowdy Japanese women have CFNM party
  • Japanese CFNM amateur gives double handjob
  • Japanese nurses mount patients for treatment
  • CFNM Japanese nurses anal inspection
  • Japanese nurse gives handjob
Mixed Bathing CFNM with Subtitles Subtitled (May 24 2005)

Subtitled Japanese CFNM heads to the boondocks to visit a rare mixed bathing bathhouse where embarrassed amateur reporters make some startling discoveries.

  • Japanese CFNM bathing inspection
  • CFNM harem handjob at Japanese onsen
  • Exposed CFNM Japanese party
  • Japanese women surprised by black penis
  • Impromptu Japanese handjob at bathhouse
  • CFNM handjob at Japanese bathhouse