Tickling Pure Land Paradise

Japanese Women Bound for Tickling

Tickling Pure Land Paradise
with English Subtitles


The threat of mosaic has caused many a production company in Japan to put heavy research and development into fetishes that don't necessarily require nudity.  As many of you may already know, seeing naked people having sex isn't always necessary when finding sexual gratification.  Heck, there are some people out there who can find release from looking at things absolutely non-sexual and not even human such as dendrophiliacs (look that one up, we dare you!).

Another issue at stake is recruiting true amateurs.  Although many an AV title boasts having fresh faces, finding ones who have not actually done AV work--or any adult work included brothels--is rare.  Studios such as HAISETSU are known for featuring titles with these types of women and from what we see by their output, they're mainly non-sexual in nature.

HAISETSU, however, is a newer trend in AV.  Studios of the last decade also found ways of hiring real amateurs to star in unique titles such as GUTS who hired four for this title about being tickled while bound.

It's TICKLING PURE LAND PARADISE, a play on an alternate writing of Nirvana for Buddhists out there.  Here, paradise is soft brushes and curious fingers prodding one's most sensitive areas...and we do mean this in a purely non-sexual way.  This is a title that can best be classified as softcore.  The men instructed to tickle do not cross over into traditional erogenous zones.  Rather, their efforts are mainly concentrated on the neck, armpits, stomach, legs, and of course, the feet.

One other aspect of PURE LAND that's new to ZENRA is sneezing on command.  Each scene begins with an amateur woman in her street clothes followed by changing into either a schoolgirl uniform, a swimsuit, or bloomers.  Before she's bound at hands and feet for tickling, she's instructed to take a tissue and roll it up.  This is followed by inserting it into a nostril in order to bring about a sneeze.  In this update, it was referred to 'tickling the nose' which is kinda sorta correct.

We actually have two full length sneezing-only movies by GUTS so if you found yourself confusingly aroused or at least interested in the sneezing portions of the four scenes of this release, we've a couple more of hours of it we'll put on ZENRA sometime in the future.

The tickling reactions varied immensely.  Some, like the first woman talking part, were incredibly muted.  She was closer to being mortifyingly embarrassed which made for a rather quiet scene.  However, all the other scenes featured some boisterous laughing when brushes and fingers found just the right places to attack.

Although each participant was bound, you could tell it was done very lightly.  The straps had ample breathing room allowing each woman a lot of movement during laughing time.  Thus, it'd be hard to even consider this a BDSM title given the upbeat circumstances.  TICKLING PURE LAND PARADISE is what we call a very fun release that's all about pleasing one's fantasies that don't necessarily involve salacious acts committed on-screen.

Of course we know many ZENRA fans prefer harder titles and while remaining on the same page as tickling, we could show ones that feature naked women if there is a demand.  FETISH-JAPAN, one of our studio partners has and continues to release a plethora of tickling titles.  They're all in HD and do sometimes feature nudity.

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