Ultra Mania

Ultra Mania is pretty much the same story as the Private Tutor movies: cute girls and lucky guys get together to fuck. Luckily, the AV is shot in Korean style so it's fun to watch and no mosaic!

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Kim Kyung Ju ~ From Korea With Love

Kim Kyung Ju is a very popular adult film star in South Korea.
This is a special DVD-quality movie of her.

It's pretty softcore for the most part. Enjoy!

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Private Tutor 3

Please be aware that this is not the sequel to Private Tutor 2.

A Korean tutor wants to have sex with her male student. However, to complicate matters, the student's father was her ex-boyfriend. This is a very complex story but luckily, there are tons of sex scenes and they are done very well!

Korean AV really is something to look out for in the future!

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Private Tutor 2

This is a 2002 Korean AV about a student named Sophia who lives in a friend's house. He is studying art at the local college and wants to direct movies someday. With luck, he persuades Sophia and her friends to star in his first big film -- a porno!

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An old rich man and his whores

This is the tale of an old Korean man and all the women he sleeps with. The girls are pretty nice-looking and lots of sex scenes.

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