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Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara
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Mai Hagiwara having ass licked in classroom
Close up of Mai Hagiwara having her anus fingered
Gang bang action with Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara cum spattered facial

Mai Hagiwara in A Pretty Student

Mai Hagiwara plays arrives as a new student in this very special school. Her classmates take a liking to her almost from the start--and they really take their likings seriouslly. Watch as Mai succumbs to their sexual desires and fantasies.

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Mai Hagiwara in a Japanese soapland
Mai Hagiwara lathers up in a soapland
Lesbian bathing fun with Mai Hagiwara
Lesbian soapland queen licks Mai Hagiwara
Kinky lesbian breast play with soapy Mai Hagiwara
Cowgirl sex action at soapland with Mai Hagiwara

Mai Hagiwara in Contrary Soap Heaven

The soapland is a fantastic place found in many Japan cities where a man can be cleaned from head to toe in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere by a beautiful woman. This is a relaxing and invigorating experience and a service that many businessmen use for relaxation. However in this movie this there is a big twist: the role of the hard working man that gets serviced is now given to a woman: Mai Hagiwara. Watch as she is washed all over with licking services from her male attendant which leads to some great action where she is oiled up to a glistening shine and pleasured till she glows from her orgasm.

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Mai Hagiwara topless on bed waiting...
Panty clad topless Mai Hagiwara stretches
Mai Hagiwara relaxes in bubbly bath
Rear shot of Mai Hagiwara in bubblebath with leg raised

Mai Hagiwara in Shoujo Mirukuru

This is Mai Hagiwara's first erotic-themed movie. Featuring various scenes of erotica such as cosplay, bath-time, and lying around in bed naked. This is said to be an uncensored release as Mai's pubic hair is not covered by mosaic bars.

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Schoolgirl uniformed Mai Hagiwara kisses crotch
Topless close up of orgasming Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara eaten out afterschool
Mai Hagiwara crouches nude above bath tub

Mai Hagiwara in Maichy Lips

New to the Japanese AV scene, Mai Hagiwara (also known as "Maichy") stars in this amazing movie. Always upbeat, Mai performs a variety of sexual feats such as cowgirl sex, head, cosplay, cut clothing, vibrator play, fondling, fantasy cheerleader, and more. This movie is perfect for those who love women's lips, as Mai is said to have the most beautiful lips in the business.

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Close up of Mai Hagiwaras ass
Shadowy light reflects across the ass of Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara eaten out in kitchen
Backdoor anal sex with Mai Hagiwara

Mai Hagiwara - Mejiri

In this latest installment of the Mejiri ("Woman's Ass") series stars the beautiful Mai Hagiwara who happens to be one of the most popular nude idols now turned Japanese AV star. This great ass-centric movie features an assortment (no pun intended) of creative ways to tease and stimulate Mai's lovely rear end.

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Mai Hagiwara blissful oral sex
Topless Mai Hagiwara smiles while fingering herself
Orgasm face on masturbating Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara sex from behind with breast squeezing

Mai Hagiwara - Teased Princess

In this movie, Mai not only gets to enjoy herself but gets to do it with two men who engage with her in fellatio, tekoki, bukkake, dildo play and much more.

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Mai Hagiwara grins with cum spattered on her breasts
Mai Hagiwara fingered through panties on bed
Kinky soap play with anally inspected Mai Hagiwara
Nude Mai Hagiwara timidly feels penis through underwear

Mai Hagiwara - Better than the dreams, the stars, and the sun.

This movie stars none other than the absolutely beautiful Mai Hagiwara. A nude model for years, she has invoked erotic fantasies across the globe with her hair nudes and playful attitude. Having retired from the nude model industry, she now moves on to the Japanese AV industry with this debut title of oral sex, doggie style sex, stockings, fingerbanging, shower sex, wet clothes, cosplay and much more. If you loved Mai before do not miss out on her industry debut.

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Naked Mai Hagiwara crouches nude
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Mai Hagiwara is back in Mirukuru Returns

Mai Hagiwara made a name for herself when she debuted in soft porn DVDs in 1999, largely inventing the category of the "extremely erotic image DVD" and creating a huge wake of starlets who sought to immitate her. But there's no immitation, and Mai Hagiwara remains one of the most erotic and beautiful women in Japan.

This DVD is titled Mirukuru (her nickname) Returns, and although I didn't know she'd gone anywhere, it's nice to have her back. In this title, Mai-chan walks you through a big range of costumes and erotic settings -- the stolen sex in an abandoned building with school-uniform-clad Mai, Bunny Girl Mai, Mai on a beach in a sweet bikini. Since she's usually just showing her sweet body, there's no need to understand Japanese to enjoy this disc, although there are a few scenes where she's reading a letter of thanks to her fans.

The DVD crosses some important lines, showing Mai-chan doing things closer to hardcore Japanese AV, which she hadn't done before. There is a fun scene with a mannequin's hand that gropes her, which turns into a real man's hand during the action (lucky hand). She masturbates with a vibrator. Also, she plays the part of a "soap girl" (a girl in a soapland), further making her fans wonder: what's next for Mai Hagiwara? Will she come out with a hardcore sex release? Chiasa Aonuma did it, so I guess all things are possible.

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Close up of Mai Hagiwaras eyes
Topless Mai Hagiwara smiles in bed
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Well placed soapy bubbles on exposed Mai Hagiwara

Introducing Mai Hagiwara

Mai is by far one of the HOTTEST Japanese AV Models out today. I say she's an Japanese AV Model and NOT an Japanese AV Star because she doesn't (as far as I know) do any hardcore movies! Talk about class :)

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Japanese schoolgirl Mai Hagiwara
Carmine pantyhose on Mai Hagiwara
Bathing Mai Hagiwara
Exposed butt of Mai Hagiwara

Mai Hagiwara's next Photoshoot

Another fantastic photoshoot with Mai-chan!

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Wistful close up of Mai Hagiwara
Mai Hagiwara exposes perfect breasts
Full Japanese bush on Mai Hagiwara
Perky big breasts on Mai Hagiwara

Mai Hagiwara's next Photoshoot

Another fantastic photoshoot with Mai-chan!

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