That Time... Featuring Juri Shibazaki

Another Japanese Schoolgirl for Prime Defilement


That Time... Featuring Juri Shibazaki
with English Subtitles


Japan isn't all a big happy and brightly lit wonderland.  Sometimes even the endless urban sprawl of its metropolises like Tokyo can be the locations of more unsavory elements.  Heck, look at any random picture of a Japanese city and you're bound to see some level of mundaneness.  Not everyone's having a good time.  And of course, the lack of fun and ennui from slaving away can lead to bitter home lives.

Within that melancholy existence you are oft to see the future adults of Japan live their lives aimlessly.  School is cut often--or they skip it entirely.  They still want guidance though, but they look in the wrong directions.  Who is there that can save them?

Who can truly lead them to a road that is miles away from pure defilement?

Don't ask anyone involved in today's release, THAT TIME… featuring JURI SHIBAZAKI.

This defiled schoolgirl release by GUTS follows a very similar format of two previous updates starring MOMO HAYAKAWA and AV actress turned occasional lesbian director MINAKI SAOTOME.  The original title for this series is 'ANO NE...' which simply means 'Hey...' in English.  However, we rather not name multiple updates with the same title hence the liberties we took in adjusting the translation slightly for each release.

These aren't deep movies.  Don't expect an expansive tale of a runaway Japanese schoolgirl looking for shelter (we may have something like that for you coming later!).  Rather, although it's not explained, one can assume these releases are examples of deai-kei hookups between naive Japanese teens and lewd older men.  That's the vibe we got when subtitling this series anyway.

The movies are mainly shot in POV format.  Thus, you spend the bulk of the 90 minutes with JURI as if you were actually there.  As if you were the prurient supplier of sweets.  What JURI experiences in this title is very much twisted beyond the norm of standard Japanese AV releases.

Cloy is a word you rarely hear used in adult video, but the 'ANO NE...' series gives it free reign to be used again and again.  CLOY, the sickly sweetness of candies from one's youth.  CLOY, the soothing aftertaste of a freshly popped bottle of ramune.  CLOY, alternating between inserting candies, an open bottle of ramune, and even multicolored glass marbles into the inverted up-in-the-air slit of a confused, yet aroused, and most important, obedient Japanese schoolgirl.

JURI SHIBAZAKI fit the bill soundly.  In this release, she's eager to please and does whatever she's instructed to without a quiver of disobedience.  It's hard to gauge though whether this is a realistic portrayal of the actual woman with the stage name JURI or just an act because sadly she was not too active in the AV industry.  We tried to do some digging and we only found a handful of titles that credit her as taking part and 'THAT TIME...' was one of the few that had her in a sole starring role.

This does not mean she wasn't popular.  Going by her pure and innocent looks, popularity was a given provided she wanted it.  Most likely, she had a natural kinky side that was sufficiently scratched by taking part in a few adult video productions.  Once satiated, she called it a day and faded back into her private life.

We know some of our subscribers are big fans of seeing Japanese schoolgirls in compromising situations.  Trust us when we say that you're not alone.  A huge selling point for new AV stars is projecting an aura of innocence.  Of course looks are important, but the 'experienced porn star' is less popular than the 'cross-eyed with confusion teen'.  Now there certainly are a ton of exceptions and we can easily name many top AV stars who are experienced and proudly show it, but at the end of the day, the bulk of the talent that comes and goes and is always in demand is that of the naive.

We've many more titles like THAT TIME... on the way.  If you prefer your talent young (but of legal age!) and inexperienced, but eager yet embarrassed to do the salacious on camera, then be sure to visit often.  Real Japanese AV defilement will be delivered to you with English subtitles in good time.

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