Adults Only Izakaya with Manami Kitagawa

Japanese Diner with String Bikini Staffers and Lewd Mama-san Uncensored


Adults Only Izakaya with Manami Kitagawa Uncensored
with English Subtitles


Tattoos and the Japanese have rarely seen eye to eye.  Even the most casual tourist has seen bathhouses with the 'NO TATTOO' signs placed all over the entrance.  Once upon a time, there was just reason:  tattoos ( known as irezumi if it's done in the very uncomfortable traditional Japanese style) generally were only on the bodies of those who belonged to one of Japan's (in)famous groups of dutiful chivalry--known more colloquial as gokudo if you're within hearing distance or Yakuza if you're not or just don't care.

There also are the Russian sailors up north who also may be heavily tattooed, but talking anymore about that will take this review off into a tangent we may never return from.  Let's just say that tattoos are rarely found on Japanese women.  As of writing this, the only AV star with even a slight amount of ink-work is Mana Izumi who has her wrist rather inked up (CORRECTION:  she's WAY more inked now than she was during her AV career.  How far can she go with this?!).  Manami Kitagawa, the star of today's update is another adult video star who isn't shy about showing off her ink.

Unlike Mana Izumi, Manami Kitagawa has multiple tattoos which are all rather gaudy.  Those familiar with old-school designs of decades long past may enjoy the work of art that is her body.  Of course if you prefer your Japanese women more 'innocent', there still is a saving grace to this lengthy two hour release in the form of the extended first scene.

ADULTS ONLY IZAKAYA as the name implies takes place at an izakaya.  An izakaya is a type of traditional Japanese restaurant that serves a variety of food fast, cheap, and plentiful.  Consider it the eastern version of a diner.  The entirety of this release does NOT take place at an izakaya which is kind of unfortunate, but we are guests of it for the first half.  It's also nice to see an AV shoot that actually uses a real restaurant rather than a cheap set piece.

For all intensive purposes, this title was actually shot at an restaurant.  Most likely one that's down on its luck and hopes full-on sex all over its wooden tables summons the good fortunes of Ebisu, the god of luck and small businesses .

Although this title mainly centers on Manami Kitagawa whom has surprisingly returned to censored productions mostly of a femdom nature after appearing in this uncensored release, we do see a few other female extras.  The theme of the izakaya portion is that of a 'sexy izakaya'.  Just how 'sexy' cabaret clubs feature hostesses wearing little to nothing with light fondling allowed, this 'sexy izakaya' features young female staff members in tiny string bikinis that hide nothing.  Pubic hair is visible without posing lewdly and bending down to take an order actually exposed the wrinkles around the anuses of one of the hostesses/waitresses.

Sadly, neither the box nor the official release documents say who these woman are!  It's frustrating and believe us when we say we looked.  All we have are their actual names from the IDs used in the production and we definitely cannot give that out so those looking for more releases starring the younger and even more indecently dressed extras will have to continue the journey on their own.  Most likely they are what's known as 'kikaku'--or 'planning' AV stars.  These are 'amateur' women who may only sign up for a few shoots as extras in the adult biz before calling it quits.

Being an uncensored release, sex is the main attraction.  Thick and juicy stories and interactions are generally absent.  The only dialog-heavy portion is the first dozen minutes featuring two AV actors acting as guests that lewdly teasing the string bikini-clad female staff.  After that, it's Manami Kitagawa until the very end.

ADULTS ONLY IZAKAYA packs a lot.  On top of bareback sex with nakadashi (cumming inside) finishes, we see a bukkake scene in the izakaya.  Strangely, the second half of this release takes place in Manami's apartment.  She also drops the izakaya/hostess club mama-san demeanor for one a bit more normal.  There, we see Jun Odagiri fondle her in the kitchen before escorting her to bed.  No explanation is given as to why he's there.  Is he a lucky customer?  The actual owner of the izakaya?  Don't ask us!

With October now upon us, we're shifting ZENRA into a darker mood as Halloween is fast approaching.  Before that we felt it was best to showcase a 'lighter' release such as ADULTS ONLY IZAKAYA with MANAMI KITAGAWA.  It may lack a consistent story, but the dialog when present is there for you with our English subtitles.  Manami also is a bit older than the average AV star which makes her the perfect candidate for fans of experienced Japanese women with a bit of skin ink.

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