Momo Hayakawa in Could You...

Salacious Sexual Play with a Docile Japanese Schoolgirl


Momo Hayakawa in Could You...
with English Subtitles


Japanese AV production companies opt to be known for certain genres and only those genres.  Company A may produce milf titles and be known for milf titles thus only will produce titles starring older women.  Trying something different may get some attention, but their hardcore fans may revolt.  "Why did you only pump out 3 milf titles this month and some stupid teen title as well?  Nobody wants that!" is a common type of hate mail when companies such as this fictitious one receive when trying to step just slightly out of the box.

Somewhat earlier in the history of Japanese AV, there were more studios taking greater risks by releasing titles across a variety of genres.  Granted, some studios today such as RADIX and COLLECTOR still dabble in multiple genres, but most of their peers elect to do what they know will generate revenue.  GUTS was another studio that was quite powerful some years ago.  It's really hard to pinpoint what they were about since they truly released titles every month in so many genres.  What they weren't was gay (not that there's anything wrong with that!).  Aside from that one niche that actually is rather segregated back then and even now (you either do gay-only or you don't do gay period), GUTS produced titles covering pretty much everything.

Schoolgirls, milfs, housewives on affairs, CFNM, extreme femdom, public nudity, drama--you name it, they probably did it...and it will all appear on ZENRA as we legally acquired nearly their entire library of films.  In fact, the only titles we opted out of were ones that had essentially zero dialog and also titles that were a bit too 'hard' for western release.  We'll let you decipher what the latter means.

GUTS was good at many things and one thing in particular they had exquisite finesse in was the demonic treatment of Japanese schoolgirls.  A large collection of titles was released by them presented in pseudo POV format starring you as a rather lewd unnamed (gentle)man who finds himself on something of a date with an extremely docile teen.

She doesn't talk much so you fill in the blanks.  She's there and she's willing to follow whatever twisted passion you can conjure.  Nearly anything's on the table.  She'll do it because she's yours.  Today that schoolgirl is played by Momo Hayakawa.  Heard of her?  No?  You'll see her at least one more time on ZENRA as she appeared in an incredibly risky hardcore public nudity movie produced by BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING that we will show sometime in the future.

Momo Hayakawa is cute.  With a wide nose, a petite, slightly stocky build in the legs, but with thin arms and an impressive chest for someone still in her teens, she'll definitely make head turns if she actually still attended school.  Here, she's nearly mute, but obliges anything you ask of her.  In this particular series whose title translates to "Hey...", we see her meekly strip bottomless before sitting upside down with exposed butt and suspiciously shaved slit in the air.  While maintaining that position, you take a collection of medium-sized multi-colored marbles and insert them into her...well, you know.

Prurient sexual play involving toys and traditional Japanese candy of yesteryear are the highlight of the "Hey..." series.  It really is twisted.  Vibrators and the type of sexual play more common in Japanese AV shows up in the second half.  Hell, even bondage is featured with some professional grade shibari--or rope binding.  However, the first half of COULD YOU… is all about crushing one's innocence via cloy lewd activities.

COULD YOU… with MOMO HAYAKAWA was a tough one to categorize on ZENRA.  In fact, the other 10 or so titles in this series all were rather trying.  Were these Alternative titles or JAV Stars?  We went with the latter since they were 'weird', but sublunary enough to still be grouped alongside slightly more straight-forward releases.  This is life...real life shown in AV format.  It's nefarious, somewhat grotesque, and more about how 'dirty' sex can truly be when it's done with a schoolgirl who shuns talking and simply 'does'.  Who knows the back-story to the character Momo Hayakawa played.  Why is she there with such a demented boyfriend?  Why would she do some of the lascivious things asked for her without the slightest bit of protest?  That's not explained.  Perhaps there's a reason?  Or perhaps not.  You can decide.  That, at least, remains open-ended.

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