Hsu Chi and Chu Mei Feng Reenactment

Famous Chinese beauty Hsu Chi in the nude and more

Hsu Chi - Nudes

I really love Hsu Chi. She is the image of perfection. Here she is in a video photoshoot showing off her angelic qualities.

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Happy Hong Kong Street #3

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The Chu Mei Feng Reenactment

The Chu Mei Feng scandal in Taiwan was huge. This very vocal Taiwanese politician slept with this guy and it was caught on tape!! (the movie is available on Chinese AV Stars Page 1)

This is a reenactment of their sex using actors. The women looks very much like the senator! Enjoy!!!

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The Tattoo Lady

This ambitious Chinese man devotes his time to measuring the Tattoo's lady's assets.

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Happy Hong Kong Street #16

The Happy H.K. Street series is a collection of Chinese Penthouse photoshoots caught on tape. For the most part, there is no sex, but you do get to see very nice close-ups of the girls private parts.

In mainland China, you only have to censor the genitalia when the act is sex is going on. Pretty weird, huh?

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