Hsu Chi, Chu Mei Feng Scandal, Grace Yang

Hsu Chi and Grace Yang nude scenes among others

  • A close up of Chinese Hsu Chi's lightly trimmed bush
  • Chinese Hsu Chi with her naked leg raised up
  • Totally naked outdoors Chinese Hsu Chi looking wistfully away
  • Chinese Hsu Chi looking down upon her nudity

Hsu Chi - "True Woman"

I am proud to present the first DiVX5-encoded addition to the Zenra Movie Annex. You need to download the codec in order to view this masterpiece.

"True Woman" is a one hour long video of Hsu Chi posing in the buff. In my opinion,
Hsu Chi is one of the hottest Chinese babes ever and this video will show you why!
I *absolutely* LOVE her legs. They are long and slender.
I think I have found perfection :)

On a side note, this video was made shortly after she turned 18! Totally amazing!

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The Chu Mei Feng Scandal

Chu Mei Feng is a well-known politician in Taiwan. She sleeps with a business man not knowing that there is a hidden camera taping their every movement.

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The outdoor experience with Hsu Chi

Hsu Chi enjoys being nude outdoors.
God -- her legs are her best assets!! They just go on and on and on and on and on!

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Kaila Yu *RARE* Audition Tape

Some of you may know Kaila Yu as the Asian-American model and that she is! This is her first audition for a modeling agency -- completely uncensored!

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Run Lola--I mean Grace--run!!

Grace is being chased by a criminal but evades his grasp! A cop finds her and cleans her up and by doing so gets a rather pleasant "thank you" from her!

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