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Miyu Ninomiya - Amateur Delivery Health
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I can't be the only one who after watching AMATEUR DELIVERY HEALTH has a strong desire to order...delivery health (Warning:  clicking that Wikipedia link will send you down a rabbit hole you may never escape!).  If you rather not click, before I get into this review for a rather well-done mosaic-free DREAMROOM update, allow me to briefly explain the delivery health system:

Paying to have sex in Japan is illegal.  That is, paying to take your penis and put it into vagina of a ready and willing woman.  Everything beside that is fair game (and JAV is legal because it is performance art where all parties on screen are being paid to act).  One minor issue is nowadays it's getting harder to open brick-and-mortar brothels.  Still, many exist--most notably soaplands.  Call girls, however, are where it's at and the most common variety of call girl service is called 'delivery health'.  The 'health' aspect I'll save for those who click that Wikipedia link up above, but the 'delivery' should be self-explanatory.

Basically, when you wish to 'order' a girl, you call up your desired shop, make your choice, name the hotel you're at, and she'll arrive on time.  The greatest thing about Japanese brothels is most clearly show pricing and services right on their sites.  There's none of that Western "We'll take to paradise" fuzzy wording when describing what may happen.  Sites clearly will list 'standard' play that almost always will consist of:  kissing, full body licking, bareback blowjobs, titjobs, rimjobs, handjobs, and sumata (rubbing vagina against penis).  There also are clear options that cost extra:  sex toys, outfits, and even anal sex because surprise, surprise:  sticking it in the butt isn't illegal (and this author believes that ordering anal sex may often result in the girls just having regular sex with the client with 'anal sex' being the secret handshake for vaginal penetration).

It's anyone's guess how often delivery health appointments go beyond foreplay.  I'm sure many a client asks for p-i-v penetration and I'm sure some women will allow it.  Repeat clients may have more luck, but you never know.

With that out of the way, allow me to delve into AMATEUR DELIVERY HEALTH starring MIYU NINOMIYA.  While MIYU is an actress few probably know, the moment I saw her I fell in love.  It may be bizarre to say it, but I've a serious weakness for pale Japanese girls with lots of small freckles over their body.  There's something very humanizing about it and MIYU fits the bill nicely.  Her skin tone is great and when the actor--played by a grizzled old school geezer pushing the kimomen angle hard--praises her for having beautiful skin, I truly believe he means it; MIYU just looks so insanely soft!  She reminds me of a younger AKI SASAKI and I hope I'm not alone in gushing over her (or them as I feel the same about AKI).

AMATEUR DELIVERY HEALTH is a very straight-forward title that originally appeared on DREAMROOM's 10Musume site.  The reviews there were pretty solid and I agree already (see above) that MIYU is a knock-out.  The lighting also was nice and bright and thankfully did not have that scorched earth look that sometimes plagues uncensored titles.  You saw everything in extreme detail, but in a very desirable way.  MIYU looks great here and as she only did a few more movies after this, it's safe to say her reaction were far from scripted.

If you're ever in Japan, consider ordering 'delivery health'.  There are quite a few foreigner-friendly places now.  However, pushing for off-off menu items (ie, sex) is a YMMV situation.  Some women may laugh it off, a small number you may actually get lucky with, and in a worst case situation, she could end the session then and there and leave.  Best be careful and perhaps a real life MIYU NINOMIYA may be knocking on your hotel door soon.

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