Would Gyaru Friends Have Sex Together For Money? Part One

Real Life Friends Decide to do JAV Together

Would Gyaru Friends Have Sex Together For Money?  Part One
Part One with English Subtitles
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One night way past closing two very cute gyaru appeared at our agency interested in doing a photoshoot.  The blonde with the cherubic face’s name is Ayu-chan, age 21.  Her friend, the brunette, is Yuu, age 22.  Don’t let Ayu’s innocence fool you.  Even dressed, her extra large breasts were attempting to burst out for extra attention.

Speaking of attention, it was hard not to stare in between their legs as both opted to wear short skirts giving me prime views of their panties.

The problem:  while they were desperate for money and were willing to show some skin, neither was down for having sex then and there.

The solution:  via a verbal tug-of-war and acumen, I still got them to film some material with me.  While we didn’t go all the way this time, I think you’ll love what they did end up doing *and* both returned again soon after.  That time, we did go all the way...and then some.

While Japan may be a developed nation with ample clothes-on job opportunities open to everyone, the lure of working in the water trade sometimes is too good to pass up.  Sure, you can get a normal pink collar gig as an office lady and make an OK amount of money.  OR you could work in a brothel and make in a night what an OL may make in a week.  Work as a JAV star and your daily pay could exceed an OL's monthly income.  Get the drift?  Stripping down and doing naughty things can lead to very happy bank accounts.

This is known by many and AYU- and YUU-chan, the stars of today and next week's double uncensored update know it all too well.  The gist--as explained above--has them sauntering into DREAMROOM's hush-hush secret location office.  They're eager to get some money then and there to waste--I mean spend wisely--on host clubs.  They're still shy and apparently haven't done this before leading to a "we'll do anything but THAT" situation.

THAT, of course, refers to sex.  While this release was filmed for one of DREAMROOM's sites that pretty much only features bareback sex with amateurs, the first half of WOULD GYARU FRIENDS HAVE SEX FOR MONEY? features zero intercourse.

BUT WAIT!  As you can see via the screenshots to the left of this review, YUU and AYU strip down and do other naughty things.  And of course, being a two-parter, sex does happen in the second half of this title.  They return at a later date for an awesome FFM threesome that answers some of life's most important questions:  which one of the duo is shaved?  Who has the rocking butt?  Who has butt dimples?  Is YUU's hair natural or is it extensions?  (OK, the last one may not be answered, but I'm legitimately curious)

The first half of WOULD GYARU? is a talkie.  Expect nonstop, but fun, banter between the Mr. Charisma (I still don't know this dude's stagename--assuming he has one) and the somewhat shy pair of gyaru.  He knows what to say and bit by bit they open up and shed clothes.  His partner for some reason is the one who gets most of the action though.  I can't speak for all actors, but I found it distracting that in spite of appearing in a JAV movie, he had his face mosaic'd.  In the second half, he wears sunglasses the whole time.  I can understand the latter, but the former?  When you already have a capable actor (Mr. Charisma) on set?  And sorry to beat a dead horse, but he didn't even manage to cum in the love hotel sex portion from Part Two leading to Mr. Charisma swooping in and 'taking one for the team'.

Well, beside that tiny nitpick, WOULD GYARU FRIENDS HAVE SEX TOGETHER? is a very sound title.  Sure, AYU and YUU may not be the cutest girls ever to have done Japanese AV.  This is an amateur release so realism is on the table.

For a movie essentially with one cameraman and no other support staff, the picture and sound quality is fantastic.  The dialog is clear and immense.  It's all subtitled too and you'd be seriously missing out if you went into a release like this without subtitles.   We'll keep pushing hard to feature these multi-girl updates since you all love them so much.  Be it amateur or something more grandiose, we got you covered.

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